*sees a character* this is it, this is my favorite character from anything ever, i lvoe this character so much i love them theyre my favorite oh my god *sees another character* this is it, this is my favorite ch

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I wanna see pictures of your lowest moment from 2013 go

I was in a Toy Story play.


And I loved it.


You’re an inspiration to us all

please explain how this was your lowest point

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you could spell pennslyvnaia wrong and usually no one notices

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Watch the gif for 30 seconds, then look at the picture! 

This was my favorite one yet

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Gold, Blue and Red.

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Sir, my crew was just following my orders. I take full responsability for my actions, but they were mine, and they were mine alone. If I transmit Khan’s location to you now, all that I ask is that you spare them. Please, sir. I’ll do anything you want. Just let them live.

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Team Enterprise: Family (inspired by x)
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